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Sterilise everything that an autoclave can’t... plus everything it can!

Need to sterilise your Laparoscopic spaying equipment, Endoscope, Orthopaedic Equipment without damage? Look no further! Our range of affordable EtO sterilisers are the answer! Our simple, reliable systems are trusted and used by thousands of vets around the world.

EtO is versatile and gentle and can be used to sterilise anything except food, drugs and liquids. Extend the life of your gutting and grinding instruments, no damage to the cutting edges as no heat or steam is used. Sterilise ALL your electrical items including drills, cameras, laptops, phones, keyboards even your theatre shoes and stethoscopes! Please click here to find an extensive but non-exhaustive list of all the items you can sterilise.

Anprolene sterilisers are the most inexpensive and versatile sterilisers available. They operate at ambient temperature (≥20 °C), sterilising loads up to 40 l in 12 hours.

Anprolene sterilisation cycles are designed to be the gentlest available, allowing repeated sterilisation whilst preserving medical devices in pristine condition.

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If waiting until tomorrow is too long then the EOGas Series 4 steriliser might be for you. It is our fastest EtO steriliser, with a sterilisation and aeration cycle of just 3½ hours. The cost per cycle is around the same as for Anprolene. The EOGas Series 4 uses a heated cabinet, operating at 30-50 °C, to sterilise loads up to 45 l in 3 hours. It is validated to achieve a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.

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Find the cabinet best adapted to your needs

Anprolene AN-74i

The standard Anprolene steriliser makes the most economical use of space by fitting across a standard 60 cm worktop.

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Anprolene AN-74ix

The extended Anprolene steriliser allows the operator to sterilise longer medical devices. It has proven to be particularly popular with equine veterinary practices. Sterilisation and aeration occur in the one cabinet.

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Anprolene AN-74j

The Jumbo is our largest Anprolene cabinet, designed to allow flexible endoscopes to lie flat when they are coiled inside their sterilisation packaging. Sterilisation and aeration occur in the one cabinet.

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EoGas Series 4

The EOGas Series 4 steriliser is a bench top unit that delivers 10-6 SAL and active aeration in a 3½ hour cycle. This is also the only steriliser available that can deliver a 10-6 SAL at 30 °C, in a 12 hour cycle.

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Andersen EtO Benefits

Re-use items

Items that would normally be destroyed in an autoclave can be sterilised for re-use. For instance re-sterilising your hot blades may allow you to offer economic laparoscopic spaying.

Zero damage

Some items that can be procesed through an autoclave do suffer some damage. Any instrument with a cutting or grinding edge will lose that edge when you sterilise it with heat and steam.

True sterilisation

Disinfection is routine for some devices, such as GI endoscopes. After treating some patients (e.g. a horse with Strangles) you can now sterilise and prevent transmission to the next customer.

Procedure kits

Enjoy the flexibility and cost saving of making up your own procedure kits. You may also re-sterilise items where the pack had been opened but the contents were not used.

Cost / Benefit Case Study

Practices using our sterilisers report various cost savings, with the payback usually being around four months. A study with Equine Clinique Meslay du Maine recorded a saving of € 32,000 per year. Using their Anprolene AN-74i steriliser once per week, their savings of € 2,710.50 a month were made up as follows:

Articles Quantity Cost / € Number of autoclave cycles possible Savings per month / €
Liga-Sure 2 550.00 1,000.00
Cotton balls 10 10.05 100.05
Arthroscope 1 63,600.00 100 63.60
Trocar 10 94.60 946.00