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AN-4000 - EOGas Series 4 sterilisation cabinet

The EOGas Series 4 steriliser is a bench top unit that delivers 10-6 SAL and active aeration in a 3 1/2 hour cycle. This is also the only steriliser available that can deliver a 10-6 SAL at 30 °C, in a 12 hour cycle. This cabinet uses the AN-1004 Refill Kit with its 35  liner bag. The AN-4000 steriliser delivers highly effective and safe sterilisation of the widest range of items in a gentle, single process. It is suitable for re-sterilisation in a healthcare facility or for a medical device manufacturer.

Technical Details

Installation requires only a 2.6 cm reinforced PVC exhaust hose to the outside using the wall plate fitting provided. No water or vacuum line required.

Optional abator is available to comply with local requirements on EtO emissions.

Exterior dimensions: 58.8 cm (D) x 71.1 cm (W) x 71.8 cm (H)
Interior dimensions: 45.7 cm (D) x 34.9 cm (W) x 64,1 cm (H)
Cabinet capacity: 101 l
Chamber (Liner bag): 35 l max
Net weight: 76.2 kg
Sterilisation cycles: 3 hours at 50 °C
6 hours at 50 °C
12 hours at 30 °C
24 hours at 30 °C
Aeration cycle: 30 minutes
1 hour
2 hours
Refill kits available: AN-1004.16