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Testimonials from our clients

Dr Frédéric Sanspoux

Veterinary, Capvéto Bellac,
Bellac, France

"We did some research and finally found the Anprolene system, which is commonly used in the Health sector. It is based on the sterilisation capacities of Ethylene Oxide (EtO). This gas spreads quickly. It is highly penetrating, which means the items can be wrapped beforehand. It is active at room temperature, which means it can be used to sterilise devices that could not tolerate moist or dry heat, such as motors."

Douglas R. Birns

New York, USA

"We have been using Andersen products for the last 15 years to sterilise our cystoscopic equipment. We recently needed to upgrade our equipment and found them to be extremely helpful in determining and meeting requirements for sterilisation equipment. Within a week we had our new unit up and running and support service was always available to help us with our questions. I highly recommend Andersen Products for any gas sterilistion system needs."

Amy Weiss

LVT, CAHT, Surgical Dept. Mgr. River Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals Chattanooga, TN,

"I use our gas steriliser for all our specialty surgery packs. I find the instruments last longer since they no longer go through the expansion and contraction process with steam sterilisation. I also use our gas steriliser for IV pumps, drills, and all plastic tubing. I cannot think of anything in the hospital that has not been put into the gas. I love the fact that it keeps all my instruments looking as new as the day they were bought. The doctors can see the difference between emergency packs placed in steam and the orthopedic and soft tissue packs placed in gas. I do not know how I ever managed without it. The testing process was not a complicated one and the process of sterilisation is a simple one."

Mohammed Al-Jallad,

Suture Manufacturer Technical Director
Saudi Arabia

Andersen EOGas Series 3 steriliser allows us to run validated sterilisation cycles in house that are part of our FDA registration (510K) and CE mark. The process is completely compatible with our other production processes.

Dr. Nicole Van Israël

European Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology

"Since the acquisition of the Anprolene steriliser we have been able to have a quicker return of our equipment needed for interventional cardiology, therefore reducing the waiting list. We can now sterilise smaller loads and are completely independent from external services".

Brenton Betheldo

Factory Manager
South Africa

"We have been using Andersen EOGas sterilisers for over ten years in our suture production facility. It has proved to be cost effective and efficient, allowing us total control and time saving in our manufacturing process. Our Series 3 and Series 4 cabinets ultimately allow us total customer satisfaction".

Dr Maxime Birague

Equine Veterinary Surgeon

"We re-process certain instruments for laparoscopy and endoscopy with Anprolene. We also use the cabinet to sterilise large amounts of items like dressings and bandages which cannot go through an autoclave. The system is easy and safe to use, and complements sterilisation using heat and steam".

Alistair Fleming

Project Manager, Gyrus
Cardiff, Wales

"Our Andersen Series 4 EtO steriliser has provided Gyrus with the ability to offer new products to market in reduced time using their bench-top EtO process."

Frank Chalmers

CEO, Sterile clothing manufacturer
Melbourne, Australia

"Our Andersen Series 3 steriliser has allowed us to bring sterilisation in house and increase our ‘on time – in full’ service level from 60% to 99%. The sterilisation phase of our process has reduced from two weeks to under a day".

Dr Adam and Dr Paumier

Veterinary Surgeons
Deauville, France

"We are very satisfied by the performance of our Anprolene steriliser, which perfectly complements our autoclave. This system delivers savings through the re-sterilisation of items impossible to sterilise by other means. We optimise the value of each cartridge by waiting to have a full load for each cycle".

Markee Kushel

Littleton, CO, USA

"Our Anprolene steriliser is one of the best investments our clinic has made. The ability to sterilise a load in 3½ hours has allowed our surgical productivity to increase dramatically. Plastics that cannot be autoclaved can now be gassed, allowing continual savings to the hospital and to the client by keeping overhead lower. The gas unit is very easy to operate and requires minimal staff time freeing up technicians to complete other tasks. There is never a concern about a load "overheating" or burning the outer wrappings as can happen with autoclaves. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how much we use our Anprolene steriliser and what a positive impact it has on our hospital".

Dr. Bruno De Meyere

Plastic Surgeon, Artemedis

"In my private practice I hate to throw away reusable material. EtO sterilisation proved to be the ideal solution for sterilising unpacked and unused material such as sutures, drapes, bandages, as well as used, easy to clean material that cannot be put in the autoclave, such as plastic or rubber items. It’s a shame I didn’t find out about Andersen Products Ltd. earlier. Compared to a Belgian competitor with whom I used to work before, the goods that are shipped to England are sent back within a surprisingly shorter delay and for a surprisingly lower price. Throwing away reusable material is a waste of money and this is of course is the most important reason why I strongly recommend Andersen Products Ltd. to all professionals that are running a private practice."

Mike Hopson

Director, Forensic equipment distributor
United Kingdom

"EtO sterilisation has been demonstrated as the most successful technique for denaturing background DNA that may be present in forensic sampling kits. This denaturing is a critical part of our production requirements. Andersen’s dedicated chambers ensure consistent EtO exposure, allowing us to deliver high quality products that our customers trust."

Ghislaine Bessems

Technical Manager, Sugical electrode manufacturer

"Andersen Products have carried out the EtO sterilisation of our products for several years, to our great satisfaction."

Thomas Carlsson

Senior Project Manager, Catherer manufacturer

"We are just very satisfied with your service and very quick turn-around time. Being a small company with small loads we really appreciate the service and flexibility from Andersen Product. My feeling is that Andersen really do care about their customers."

Dr Anke Rosch

Project Manager, Pharmaceutical company

"We use your services for a couple of years. Everything went very well and was very uncomplicated. Many thanks for good collaboration."

Dr Elena Mayer

Project Manager, Pharmaceutical company

"My experience in communication with you was 100% positive, friendly and helpful. I remember we were in a real hurry to receive the sterilised implants and the case was very fast and reliably handled."