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AN-74i - Anprolene sterilisation cabinet

This standard Anprolene steriliser delivers highly effective and safe sterilisation of the widest range of items in a gentle, single process that preserves and extends the life of your products. The AN-74i steriliser makes the most economical use of space by fitting across a standard 60 cm worktop. This also allows the door to open towards the operator. sterilisation and aeration occur in the one cabinet. Cabinet takes either a 40 l or 10 l liner bag (sterilisation chamber) included in the AN-79.16, AN-71.00 or AN-73.00 Refill Kits.

Technical Details

Installation requires only a 2.6?cm reinforced PVC exhaust hose to the outside using the wall plate fitting provided. No water or vacuum line required. Optional abator is available to comply with local requirements on EtO emissions.

Exterior dimensions: 53.3 cm (D) x 35.6 cm (W) x 52.1 cm (H)
Interior dimensions: 48.9 cm (D) x 34.5 cm (W) x 32 cm (H)
Cabinet capacity: 55 l
Chamber (Liner bag): 40 l max
Net weight: 22.9 kg
Cycle temperature: Room temperature (min 20 °C)
Sterilisation cycles: 12 hours / 24 hours
Aeration cycle: 2 hours
Refill kits available: AN-79.16