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EOGas Series 4

The EOGas Series 4 is a 50 °C or 30 °C cycle, bench top cabinet with active aeration. 4 cycles are available, the fastest being just 3½ hours at 50 °C. The Series 4 is the fastest EtO steriliser available, delivering 10-6 SAL. It involves minimal installation requirements: just a 2.6 cm PVC hose to the outside with the wall plate provided. There are no water or vacuum lines required.

EOGas Series 4 compared to other low temperature sterilisers

  • The widest range of material and product compatibility (other than foods, liquids, or drugs).
  • Ability to sterilise long, narrow, and multi-channel lumens.
  • All sides and surfaces are sterilised; no “shadowing”
  • Compatible with all common packaging materials.
  • Will not damage delicate instruments like harsh chemical sterilants.
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Flexible chamber technology

Unlike traditional Ethylene oxide sterilisers which involve rigid metal chambers and large external tanks of gas, the EOGas 4 system uses gas impermeable sterilisation bags and unit dose 100% EtO cartridges. By eliminating chamber dead space, EOGas employs only a tiny fraction of the EtO used in other systems.

Active Aeration

Andersen's purge probe technology uses active aeration to flush the sterilisation bag with a constant flow of fresh air at the end of the sterilisation cycle. Items that retain EtO may require additional aeration. With EOGas, sterilisation and aeration occurs in the same chamber. There is no need to transfer products to a separate aeration area.


EOGas 4 now makes it possible to achieve sterilisation with ethylene oxide in 3.5 hours. The heated EOGas 4 cabinet along with Andersen's bag and cartridge technology maximises gas efficiency and minimises gas usage; only 17.6 g of gas per cycle. Turn-around time for delicate medical items has never been this fast.

FDA Approved

The Andersen Series 4 steriliser has been approved by the FDA for the sterilisation of endoscopes intended for human use. Disinfection is no longer good enough: you can now sterilise your endoscopes with EtO. High Efficiency Flexible Chamber Technology provides the assurance of EtO sterilisation in a compact, tabletop package that uses only 17.5 grams of gas per cycle.


These are the technical specifications of the EOGas Series 4 (AN-4000.11) steriliser. Please contact us if you need more details.

External dimensions (L x H x D) 55.8 cm x 71.1 cm x 71.8 cm
Internal dimensions (L x H x D) 45.7 cm x 34.9 cm x 64.1 cm
Capacity 101 l
Cycle duration 3 hours plus 30 minutes ventilation at 50 °C
6 hours plus 60 minutes ventilation at 50 °C
12 hours plus 120 minutes ventilation at 30 °C
24 hours plus 120 minutes ventilation at 30 °C
Refill Kits available AN-1004.16 (see below)

EOGas 4 Refill kit


The Series 4 refill kit comes with ampoules, liner bags, Humidichips and Dosimeters for 14 cycles. Each ampoule contains 17.6 g of EtO and the liner bag (sterilisation chamber) holds up to 45 l. The series 4 steriliser requires this kit and only this kit.

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Content 14 x sterilisation bags
14 x EtO ampoules
14 x Humidichips
14 x Dosimeters
Number of cycles 14
Sterilisation bag size 45 l
EtO quantity in ampoule 17.6 g

Accessories/Consumables for EOGas Series 4 cabinets

In order to ensure a successful cycle other products may require as below:


An AN-1087 dosimeter should be used in every cycle to confirm that the parameters for sterilisation have been met. The dosimeter measures time, concentration of gas and temperature. Single use item.

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Humidichip and humiditube

In order for the cycle to be successful a minimum of 35% humidity is required. Should the humidity be below this a humidichip (Tyvek soaked in sterile water) is placed in a Humiditube, the tube is reusable and is to ensure that the Humidichip is not squashed.

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Biological indicators

The “Gold Standard” for ensuring sterilisation has occurred. The Andersen AN-2203 is placed in the centre of the load, at the end of the cycle the inner tube is “snapped” allowing the spore strip in the outer tube to be soaked with the growth medium. The tube is then incubated for 48 hours at 37 °C. If the medium is clear – your load was sterile.

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In certain Countries or Regions local authorities will require an Abotor attached to the exhaust to reduce any EtO emissions. The abator is easy to install and comes with a cartridge that is good for 200 cycles.

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