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Frequently asked questions

These are the answers to the questions that operators most frequently ask. They will help you fix the most common issues that you may have with your steriliser.

"Why can't I select a cycle?"

There are 2 magnets that must make contact for a cycle to be selected, located one on the door and one on the cabinet.

  1. Check that there is nothing trapped in the door.
  2. Check that the cabinet is level.
  3. Open and close the door quickly.

If a cycle still cannot be selected you will have to manually calculate the time (12 or 24 hours) then the steriliser needs to be purged of the gas.

Do a reset (Turn off power switch and turn back on whilst holding both buttons in, you will be back at the start screen). Perform at least 3 purges to remove excess gas. The cabinet will then need to be returned to us for investigation.

"The dosimeter is not reaching the arrow. What happened?"

The dosimeter confirms that there is sufficient time, concentration of gas and temperature so any of those factors can be the issue:

  1. Temperature. Is there a low temperature warning? You can check the average and low temperature of the previous cycle by pressing and holding the left hand button for 3 seconds.
  2. How large was the load? Were there a lot of very absorbent items? The rule of thumb is 10 kg of mixed items but only 5 kg of absorbent items. Tubing over 1 m needs to be on the 24 hour cycle.
  3. Was humidity above 35%? If not, was a humidichip used in the cycle?

If all of the above are ok then potentially the gas is being sucked out to quickly meaning there is a faulty check valve in the purge probe.

Purge the bag as usual, disconnect the purge probe and then break the ampoule and place the bag in the steriliser. At the end of the cycle (without switching the unit off) reconnect the purge probe, close the door and leave for 2 hours. If the dosimeter passes then the purge probe needs to be repaired/replaced.

"Why is there a 'Low Temperature Warning'?"

Ethylene Oxide is NOT an effective sterilant below 20°C. Cabinets that are less than 10 years old will have a temperature probe, if the temperature drops below 20°C for more than 10 seconds the 'Low Temperature Warning' message will flash on the screen.

This does not necessarily mean that the cycle has failed. Always check the dosimeter: provided it reaches the arrow, the load has sterilised.

"I’ve accidentally broken an Ampoule, what should I do?"

When an ampoule is broken inside the gas release bag there is about 10 minutes before any gas is released from the bag. So there is no need to panic.

The best option is to place the broken ampoule in the steriliser and start a cycle.

If this is not possible for any reason then get the bag and ampoule outside and leave it in an area with as little foot traffic as possible for 12 hours. The gas will disperse quite quickly but better to leave it.

"I’ve closed the bag and purged but have forgotten to include a gas ampoule."

Reset the cabinet by turning off and holding in both buttons on the front switch back on- you will now be back at the start screen, open the liner bag and start the process again.

NB: You should never do a re-set during a cycle.

"There is no power to the cabinet. What can I do?"

There are 3 fuses in the cabinet, 2 on the back of the unit in a fuse drawer and one on the circuit board.

It is usually the one on the circuit board that blows.

Remove the top cover of the steriliser and locate the fuse, which should be changed. There are spare fuses provided with the unit. If you cannot find these you require a 200 milliamp fuse.

Ensure that a surge protector is used in future.

"I get a 'Vent Pump Failure' message. What can I do?"

This is not usually an actual vent pump failure.

First do a reset and if that does not solve the issue it is most likely to be one of the following:

  • The exhaust tubing is blocked or constricted
  • The wrong connection elbow is being used (most likely if we have sent a loan unit as old cabinets have an elbow joint that is flat, the new ones require one with a nipple).
  • The exhaust has not been connected on the back of the unit.

"I get a 'Purge Pump Failure' message. What can I do?"

This is not usually an actual pump failure.

First do a reset and if that does not solve the issue the cabinet should be returned to us for investigation.

"I get a 'Pressure Sensor Failure' message. What can I do?"

First do a reset and if that does not solve the issue the cabinet should be returned to us for investigation.