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AN-1004.16 - Refill Kit

This Refill Kit is specifically designed for the EOGas Series 4 cabinet. It comes with ampoules, liner bags, Humidichips and Dosimeters for 14 cycles. Each ampoule contains 17.6 g of EtO and the liner bag (sterilisation chamber) holds up to 45 l. The EOGas Series 4 steriliser requires this kit and only this kit.

Technical Details

Each ampoule is supplied in a plastic cartridge, fitted with a trigger for activation, for the safety of the operator. The ampoule should be at around room temperature (20 °C) when activated.

Number of cycles: 14
Contains: 14 bags
14 ampoules 14
14 Humidichips
Sterilisation bag size: 45 l
EtO quantity in ampoule: 17.6 g
Compatible sterilisers: EOGas Series 4 (AN-4000)