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Vacuum Heat Sealers (for use with EOGas 3 Sterilisers)

The AccuSeal 675TC is a temperature controlled pneumatic, impulse heat vacuum sealer with gas purge capability and digital vacuum level control. The sealer is controlled by a full digital high-speed PLC controller with a color enhanced LCD Touch screen HMI.
The 675TC vacuum sealer has two retracting nozzles and is standard with upper heat. Optional dual heat model has selectable Upper heat only or Upper and lower heat. There are five selectable sealing modes for operation. Settable heat seal parameters are: sealing temperature, sealing time (dwell), release temperature and sealing pressure.
The operator can select one of 6 pre-set seal recipes and view all seal parameters. When the desired recipe is selected the operator places a pouch with the product to be sealed in the seal area and depresses the Foot Switch. When the Foot Switch is depressed, the machine will begin running through its cycle. When the cycle is complete, the Seal Jaw will open and the pouch is then removed.

Technical Details
Seal Length: 63,5cm
Seal Width: 9mm
Dimensions: 73cm (w) x 20cm (h) x 33cm (d)
Weight: 29kg
Power Supply: 220V, 50-60Hz