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Self-Seal Pouches

Extremely convenient and easy to use, these Self-Seal Sterilisation Pouches feature a self-adhesive strip which requires no heat sealing equipment and creates an integral seal that provides a superior barrier to bacteria.

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches provide fast and secure.
Self-Seal Sterilisation Pouches are intended for use at steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilisers and provide an effective and safe solution against recontamination after sterilisation.


Our products give you complete peace of mind. Products are all manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified Getinge facilities and are tested against all relevant standards such as EN ISO 15883, EN ISO 11140 parts 1 & 4, and EN ISO 11138. We offer certificates of compliance for the complete range, as well as 3rd party independent certificates for most products.

Technical Details