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AN-1087 - Dosimeters for EOGas

The Andersen Dosimeters are chemical integrators that provide the operator with an immediate visual assurance that the requirements for sterilisation have been fulfilled. Provided the load has seen sufficient EtO, for long enough, at a high enough temperature, the blue line will go past the blue triangle mark.
Technical Details
The AN-1087 Dosimeter is designed for cycles run at 50 Â°C.

To use, remove it from the foil packaging, and place in the least accessible area of the sterilization load.

These products are not a substitute for Biological Indicators (AN-2203).
Class: Class 5 chemical integrator in compliance with ISO11140-1:2005
Compatible sterilisers: EOGas Series 4 and EOGas Series 3 range
Quantity: 25 per box
Shelf life: 2 years