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AN-1006 - Refill Kit

This Refill Kit comes with ampoules, liner bags, Humidichips and Dosimeters for 23 cycles. Each ampoule contains 11 g of EtO and the liner bag (sterilisation chamber) holds up to 35 l. Each liner bag should be vacuum sealed prior to loading into the steriliser.

Technical Details

Each ampoule is supplied in a plastic cartridge, fitted with a trigger for activation, for the safety of the operator. The ampoule should be at around room temperature (20 °C) when activated.

Number of cycles: 23
Contains: 23 bags
23 cartridges
23 Dosimeters
23 Humidichips
Sterilisation bag size: 35 l
EtO quantity in ampoule: 11 g
Compatible sterilisers: EOGas Series 3 - AN-310
EOGas Series 3 - AN-333